Automotive Reisen

About Us

The investment in a fine motorcar goes beyond just the financial outlay.  The enjoyment of the ownership experience goes beyond just the driving experience.  Pride in ownership includes the care of the exterior and interior for cosmetic appearance as well as longevity.  We are dedicated to caring for new and older vehicles for long-term owners who take pride in their machines.  The preservation of new and refurbishing of the old is what we do. 

Our professional affiliations include:

  • Porsche Club of America membership since 1975 
  • Porsche 356 Midwest Club founding membership since 1986


The purchase of a fine and collectible automobile is a significant financial and emotional investment.  Beyond the pure mechanical attribute, the fit, finish and overall condition must be inspected to prevent a significant future expense in bringing the vehicle up to owner’s expectations.  The fair purchase price must be within the present and future market value to the prospective buyer 


The sale of fine automobiles for a spouse or family goes beyond a simple transaction.  The effort must be expended to fine the right buyer for the estate to benefit the survivors.  Finding the next caretaker for a treasured auto is our goal.  The family must receive the maximum return and not be bothered with dealing with brokers who really do not understand the market or current values.  We have done this for several families and returned them maximum financial return. 

The selling of collectible Porsches is part art and part knowing a large pool of prospective pre-qualified buyers.  We have a database of hundreds of potential buyers who are looking for special Porsches.