Le Mans 2011


This is an invitation for a limited number of trip participants for the race of a lifetime:  In June 2014 Porsche will return to Le Mans France for the 24 Hour race.  The trip will include airfare to Paris, private coach to a 3 Star hotel in Le Mans for pre-race and race days.  You don’t have to do anything except enjoy yourself.  Most meals, travel and passes at the track are included.  We will have access to a private facility for food and drinks throughout the race.  If you don’t want to stay up all night, shuttles back to the hotel will be available. We are working with a couple of the teams to get pit access before the race and if Porsche participates, we will visit them as well.  You will be traveling with fellow Porsche people and it will be a relaxed and fun experience.

June 11
  Depart Chicago

Morning June 12
   Arrive in Paris

A private coach will take us to our hotel in Le Mans. We will stay for four nights at the completely
remodeled Hotel Emmeraud in Le Mans which is directly across from the tram station to get to the race.  This will give you a simple way to get back and forth from the track.  Yes, the hotel  is air conditioned.

In the afternoon and evening we will visit the track, exhibits and pits that are open.


June 13

Friday is a continuation of visiting the pits, demonstrations, museum and exhibits that are everywhere.  There will be programs at the track and some practice running.

June 14

Our location for observing the race is the Maison Blanche Grandstand with a view of the Ford curve and pit

VIP Viewing

lane entrance.

Hospitality at the Le Mans track includes:

- Dinner
Saturday and Sunday including wine

- French Onion Soup Saturday night (3 am approx)

- Visit of the race course overnight is possible

- Cash Bar with a view of the circuit

- Garden and TV room

VIP Dinning


June 15

- Breakfast
- Lunch including wine

After the conclusion of the race we will stay for dinner and then return to our hotel for an overnight rest and let the traffic thin out.

June 16

We will return to Paris on Monday morning for a stay of one evening.  Firstly, we will take a guided bus tour of Paris for about two hours in the morning.  This will give you a nice orientation for the afternoon and evening on your own to walk, ride the subway or taxi to any of the world-famous spots in Paris.  We will
make recommendations and give you guidance on how to get to your favorite destination.  We also may take lunch at a famous automotive collection in the city.

June 17

We will schedule an afternoon departure so you may again spend the morning in Paris.  We will  return to the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport via the Air France bus that leaves from the Arc de Triomphe which is a block walk from our hotel.


The race is the prime focus of the trip but there are some options.  If your significant other does not want to go to the race then she may wish to stay in Paris Friday, Saturday and Sunday using our chosen hotel.  Also we will investigate local tours on Saturday and Sunday in the areas around Le Mans.

On Sunday after the race you have the option to take a train to Normandy – about 100 miles away.
I have stayed in Bayeux and can arrange hotels and a very special guide for a Monday tour.  You can then train to Paris and meet us for the return to the Paris airport.

This invitation is on a first come basis and is limited to twenty (20) people on a double occupancy basis.  If you are interested please email me and I will forward you detailed information.  Contact: Pat Yanahan at pyanahan@comcast.net or phone +1 630 395 7000.

Note: Accomodations and specific details of the trip will be posted as they become available and are subject to change.  Registered travelers will be advised regularly via email.


Seating at the Ford Curves




Snack at 3 AM ?